Reflections: July 4th, 2013

  • Revelation: Design process is very similar to the development process. Really. See how this famous design agency used “code blocks” to built interfaces (see 9th slide).
  • WordPress is sweet. It would be sweeter if someone created a Squarespace alike drag n drop page builder. Not for me, for the non tech savvy folks (right).
  • Just realized that TG is the best photographer I know, personally. I should make him sign my screen or something, it will be worth more in the future. Maybe not my screen, just a t-shirt.
  • Never forget to buy fruits at the supermarket
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  1. Spiros says:

    Yes :). I’ve already downloaded it, but it still lags the intuitiveness of SS’s dragndropper. For example, you still can’t create a layout with two rows next to one block (sort of like “rowspan=2″ in table terms).

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